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The Dance House Team
Becky Enoch / Managing Director

Becky Enoch is co-founder and Managing Director of The Dance House (formerly known as House of Jack). She has degrees in Business and Mathematics with experience in large project management, and takes care of the planning, administrative, financial, marketing and legal aspects of the studio. 


She trained in Music Production at Scratch Academy, NYC and London Sound Academy, and provides the music edits for the studio's videos, showcases and performances.  Becky enjoys videography, and films and produces the videos for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. As a keen community dancer, Becky trained mainly in House and Hip hop styles, including extended trips to New York City and London, where she had the opportunity to learn from greats such as Sekou Heru and Brian 'footwork' Green.  Her main motivation is to make dance as accessible as possible to everyone, whatever their age, experience, background or goals.  

Ursula Manandhar / Principal Teacher

Born in Nepal, Ursula grew up dancing Nepalese traditional dance from a young age. On moving to Scotland in 2010 and gaining internet access, she began avidly learning dance from online tutorials, falling in love with hip hop, commercial, afro, krump and more, and practising in her school gym hall during every spare moment.

While gaining her Art degree from Edinburgh University, she joined the university dance society, rising to hip hop team leader and choreographer, and entering inter-University competitions all over the UK. She continued her dance education with training and mentoring from hip hop dancer and choreographer Ashley Jack, as well as attending hip hop, house and commercial classes and workshops by such renowned dancers as Marty Kudelka, Mamson, Deydey, Jaja Vankova, and many more!

She joined House of Jack as a teacher in 2018 and currently teaches numerous Dance House weekly kids and adults classes, and has recently worked on dance and movement projects with Breakin' Conventions 'Emerge+See' platform, Starcatchers Productions for Imaginate Festival 2021, and Room 2 Manoeuvre's UK-Hong Kong collaborative piece 'Alley Oop'.  She is part of adult dance company TMRW Crew, with which she has performed theatre pieces Reflections around the UK and in Hong Kong, and new theatre work The Needle and The Thread (Ignite, 2024).

Ursula teaches many of our Kids hip hop classes, as well as our adults beginners hip hop class on Thursdays and every third Tuesday, AfroFusion on Saturdays, and Open choreo class every third Tuesday. 

Chloe Kay / Preschool & P1-2

Chloe teachers our Toddler, Preschool and P1-3 classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Based in Edinburgh, Chloe trained from the age of three in various dance styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop.  She also achieved an HNC in Acting and Performance at Edinburgh College, and BA (Hons) in Drama and Performance at Queen Margaret University specialising in working with physical theatre and contemporary performance. She brings these various experiences into teaching Preschool and Primary 1-2 dance classes at The Dance House! 

Krystal Karakosta / Studio Assistant, Kids classes

Krystal has danced professionally and competitively from a young age, starting with jazz, ballet and latin styles, then moving into hip hop, which is now her main style. She attained 1st places at Hip hop International (HHI) competitions in youth, adult and mega crew categories. At 18, Krystal moved to Scotland where she studied Psychology at University, and is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. While in Scotland, she has taught in numerous dance studios, and has extensive experience working with children. Krystal believes there is an undeniable connection between physical and mental health, which had led her to dance as well as psychological studies, believing that dance and movement are vital to everyone's mental health.  Krystal teaches our Friday P5-7 hip hop and S1-5 commercial classes, as well as adults Open Choreo class (int-adv level) on rotation. 

Gabriele Bruzzese / Kids Breaking, Adults Hip Hop

Gabriele - Bboy Shok - teaches our breaking (breakdance) classes for kids on Sundays, and frequently teaches adults beginner Hip hop classes on Tuesdays. Check him out in action, and learn some breaking fundamentals from tutorial videos on the kids breaking page here! 

Ilja Dubrovins / Adults Breaking

Ilja started breaking in 2007 at the age of 10. Since then, he has been training hard to hone his skills and cultivate his own unique style. At age 18, Ilja moved to the UK to study Law and Criminology at the University of Northampton - he was the only breakdancer in the university, so began teaching breakdance classes and delivering workshops for students. Ilja has performed at various international dance events, including hip-hop events, battles, showcases, theatre performances, exhibitions, and music festivals. Ilja's main strength is his continued dedication and determination towards improving his breaking skills. 

Ilja teaches our Adults breaking class on Saturdays, and runs the Breaking practice session at the studio every Monday & Friday evening. 

Alex Pavone / Musical Theatre

Alex is a fantastic musical theatre dancer who trained at the MGA Academy of Performing Arts, achieving a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre, as well as previously having attained an HNC in Acting and Performance from Queen Margaret University and an HND in Musical Theatre from the Performing Arts Studio Scotland. Alex has years of experience in teaching dance and acting, and teaches our kids Musical Theatre Dance classes with a warm style the kids love!

Alekse Vorosilova / Studio Assistant

Alekse has an HND in Dance and Performance, and joined us in 2024 as a studio assistant, assisting in numerous children's hip hop classes, as well as undertaking reception duties. 

Olivia Steidl / Commercial, Kids

Olivia has many years of experience dancing and teaching commercial, hip hop and afro styles, and teaches our kids Saturday P1-2 hip hop class, as well as our adults Commercial classes (beginner and int-adv level) every third week, and Open Choreo (int-adv level) class every six weeks. 

Marco Barot / House

Marco is a hip hop and house dancer, and an active member of adult company TMRW Crew, performing at events, showcases and theatre nights around Scotland, as well as entering battles across the UK. His most recent performance was in TMRW Crew's powerful new theatre work 'The Needle and The Thread' at Ignite (Traverse theatre, 2024).  Marco teaches House dance (beginner level) every Monday evening, and Open Choreo (int-adv level) on Tuesday evenings by rotation. 

Maisie Thomson / Junior Studio Assistant

Maisie joined House of Jack's kids classes at a young age, progressing to successfully audition to join our performing youth company in 2021. In 2023 she undertook her Duke of Edinburgh volunteering requirements at the studio, learning how to assist in the day to day aspects of the studio. Maisie has also undertaken teacher training sessions for both children's and adults classes.  She now undertakes reception on Saturdays, and assists in one of our weekly P1-2 children's classes as well as with holiday day camps. 

Rita Hu / Waacking, Heels, Locking

Raised in China, Rita discovered soul dance at just 6 years old, finding Waacking later, in 2014.  She has trained avidly in multiple dance styles over the last 20 years, and also loves old school hip hop, commercial styles and K-pop. Rita has performed, battled and taught around China and the world, including performing at World of Dance, China. Some of her favourite battles include Summer Dance Forever, Amsterdam, and Old School Night, Japan, and she has taken numerous competitive wins including the Huawei New Year's Eve 2v2 freestyle champion in 2018 and the 2020 Changsha Queen of Disco for Waacking.  Before moving to Scotland, she taught regular classes at 227 Studio and Kinjaz China, as well as teaching workshops all over China. Her mantra is simply, keep on dancing. Peace and love!  Rita teaches our Waacking classes on Fridays, Locking classes on alternate weeks, and Heels class every third week. 

Morven Gillespie / Heels

Morven graduated from the Royal Conservatoire Scotland with a degree in ballet. She specialises in ballet and contemporary styles, and teaches our adults Heels class every third week.

Emanuel Carlos / AfroHouse
Emanuel Image.jpg

Emanuel is originally from Angola but grew up in Portugal and his life with dance started from a very young age. Growing up in Angola and Portugal, he was always around dances such as Kuduro, Pantsula, Cupe de Cale and so my style of Afro House stems from this experience. Alongside this, Emanuel also dances Kizomba, Semba, Hip Hop and Contemporary which brings a versatility to my dance and a grounded knowledge of good technique and body movement.

Emanuel teaches our AfroHouse adults class every Monday.

Oscar Ho / Locking & Popping

Originally from Hong Kong, Oscar is a dancer, choreographer and teacher specialising in Popping as well as having strong foundations and experience in hip hop and funk styles. With more than a decade's experience, has travelled around Asia since 2013, training, battling and performing, including Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Notable credits include the 2012 hip hop arena choreography champion (Hong Kong), 2012 oriental super champions popping battle champion (Hong Kong), 2012 Japan Gatsby dance choreography competition champion, 2013 hip hop festival (Hong Kong) choreography competition champion, 2014 master flesh popping battle 1v1 champion, and 2017 pop city (Hong Kong) popping battle 1v1 top 4, as well as performances for DBS bank commercials and numerous shows and events. He moved to the UK in 2021, and currently teaches regular adults classes in Edinburgh as well as training as part of TMRW Crew. Oscar aims to drill dance styles to improve his skills, and has a degree in Physiology and Chinese Medication from Hong Kong Baptist University, providing a strong understanding of the human body. 

Oscar teaches our Locking classes on Saturdays. 

Oscar image.jpg
Wayne Chang / Commercial, Waacking

Wayne is an active member of adult dance company WAMNAM, teaching and performing with the company. His most recent performance was 'A Digital Dance Odyssey' in Ignite (Traverse theatre, 2024), mainly drawing on commercial and waacking styles. Wayne teaches our Commercial classes (beginner and int-adv levels) every third week, as well as frequently working with The Dance House's youth dance companies. 

Frances Maxwell / Heels and Commercial

Frances graduated from the MGA Academy of Performing Arts, and teaches our adults Commercial (beginner and int-adv levels) and Heels (int-adv level) classes every third week.

Jio Jio.jpg

Jio jio specialises in jazz, k-pop and open choreography styles, with years of experience teaching both kids and adults. Jiojio teaches our adults K-Pop class every Saturday! 

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