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Check out our full COVIDsecure procedures now in place in the studio below....


Booking: Please ensure you always book classes in advance, and do not arrive at the studio without a pre-booked class. We have a maximum capacity of 12 dancers in-studio at a time due to new regulations. Classes can be booked online via our website. Kids classes run in blocks of 6 weeks, booked in advance, while adults classes can be booked on a week-by-week basis with each class bookable up to 7 days in advance of the class.


Before travelling: Please don't come to the studio if you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or have been in close contact with someone suspected to have COVID-19.


Arriving: Please don't arrive more than 5-10 minutes before the start of your class, to ease congestion!


Queueing: on arrival, each class member will need to sign in to classes one at a time. Queue markers are laid out outside the studio entrance at 2m gaps, to make distancing easy.


Signing In: at the reception desk, we'll note the arrival time of each class member and complete an attendance list for Track & Trace purposes.


Waiting room closed: Sorry, due to maximum capacity limitations, our waiting room will be closed this term.


Changing rooms closed: Sorry, due to new regulations, our changing rooms cannot be used this term so please arrive ready for class :)


Toilets: Our toilet is closed this term (except for emergencies and for young children during their class). Please use the various toilet facilities located around Ocean Terminal Centre before arriving for class.


Hand sanitiser: there's an automatic hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrance to the studio for everyone to use before going in.


Bags / coats / etc: there are now 2 shelves located immediately inside the studio. Please place all of your bags, coats, jumpers, and anything else you don't need during class on these shelves when you enter the room, to keep your box clear for dancing. Please take only your drink bottle, and any extra shoes you might need for class, to your marked box. No sweat towels are permitted in the studio, sorry!


Masks: Masks must be worn while queueing and signing in, but can be removed once you enter the studio and do not need to be worn during class unless you'd prefer to.


Floor-marked boxes: Boxes have been marked on the floor of the studio with tape. Please choose a box on arrival and stick to that box throughout class. Please maintain social distancing at all times (over-12s), and avoid leaving your marked box until the end of class.


Leaving and Signing out: At the end of class, please leave marked boxes one at a time when invited to do so, collect your belongings and sign out at the reception desk. Young children will be invited to leave one at a time to join their parents outside reception.

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