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Kids classes are run via private groups on Zoom and it's essential to register in advance, for safeguarding purposes. 

All participants in kids classes must have their videos set to on, and a member of the House of Jack team will be present throughout classes as Admin, in addition to our teacher.

1. Please download and install the Zoom app either on your tablet / phone from the app store, or on your laptop / desktop via this web address: and click Resources > Download Zoom Client on the top right of the screen . You'll need to install the app, as the website-only interface doesn't give the option of adding contacts and joining channels (= our classes!). We recommend using something with a reasonably big screen, like a laptop or tablet, or casting / mirroring your phone to your TV!


2. Once you've downloaded the app and signed up for a (totally free) account, email us to let us know what email address you've signed up with.  If you can set the display name to be the student's name if possible, that would be great!  It's totally fine for participants to have a free, basic account, as it's just the host (us!) who needs to be able to host meetings longer than 40 minutes. 


3. We'll then add you as a contact and you just need to accept our contact request within the app (not web interface). To do this, on a laptop you should just need to go to the 'Chat' tab at the top, and then click 'Contact Requests' on the left hand side, and 'Accept' on the request, or on a phone / tablet just tap the 'Meet & Chat' tab at the bottom of the screen, click on Contact Requests and tap the tick mark for us  :)  We'll then add everyone into class groups, ready to launch. 


All you then need to do each Saturday is be logged into the app a few minutes before your class starts, accept the call when it launches and initiate video :D 

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