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House of Jack company dancers, Ursula and Gabriele, and choreographer, Ashley, loved being part of the development and filming of #MixedUp, a film by Katy Wilson co-commissioned by Starcatchers and Imaginate for Edinburgh International Children's Festival 2021!


The studio development of the piece was fast-paced and athletic, blending hip hop dance and basketball into an emotive journey, with the story conveyed by the dancers solely through the choreography, their movement and expressions, without words, a feat they embraced.


Choreographer Ashley said, “It was fantastic to work on a project with such a talented team of creatives, and it was inspiring to see everyone adapt so enthusiastically to the challenge of turning the piece into a filmed video that I hope many children around Edinburgh's schools will be energised and motivated by!”


Dancer Gabriele said, “the project has been inspiring and helped us grow as dancers and performers! The whole team was helping each other out. I'm hoping to inspire the kids that will see the production, I think at that age whatever you watch could have an impact on you, as much as it had an impact on me when I was little and my first time encountering breaking was through a primary school show from other dancers”.

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