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Download photos of your child from these private-link folders

You can download all photos (click download button on any image) for free as we don't want to restrict access, though we would really appreciate any donations towards show photography and videography costs!  If you find some photos of your child that you like and download, or you love your child's class video from the show, please consider making a small donation via the buttons! Thank you :)

Photos are organised by class performance, plus a folder of general photos from throughout the day!  Scroll through the photos using the arrows, or click to enlarge and scroll through, and you can download any you'd like to keep (click the faint 'download' arrow on any image). 

Photos here are in JPG format for ease of sharing, but we also have some show day images (IMG xx names) in very high resolution CR2 format (which most computers will be able to open and view). If you'd like any images in higher resolution, for printing large format etc, please let us know the image number you'd like and we can send it to you!

Click arrows to scroll through image,

click on images to enlarge and scroll,

click the faint 'download' arrow into a box symbol to download!

General Show Day Photos

Preschool 2

Monday P4-7 Musical Theatre

Tuesday P2-4 Hip hop