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Deadline for initial online applications: Friday 11 June, 11.59 pm

In-person callback for selected applicants: Wednesday 16 June (between 10 am - 4 pm)

House of Jack CIC, Edinburgh is now casting for six performers for 'We Came To Dance', an interactive, interplanetary musical from Food Tank: The Food Think Tank, for a full run at Edinburgh's Festival Fringe 2021 (with potential for adding a short run at The Vaults, London in mid-September 2021 and / or Scottish tour from October 2021, budget and funding permitting).


Payment:  Performers will receive full equity pay for 7 weeks rehearsals and performances.

WeCameToDance” is an interactive original musical presented by US-based non-profit organisation, Food Tank, about the climate crisis and building sustainable food systems. All characters are aliens from a real, nearby exoplanet, and will speak and sing in both English and their own language, Hayanese (created for the show). WeCameToDance is immersive, uplifting and motivational for the audience, who will be led by the all-Scottish cast in joining in an otherwordly experience that builds layered rhythms over spoken word poetry and song.


Performer requirements:

  • all characters are female-identifying

  • playing age late teens to mid-twenties (min. actual age 18)

  • strong singing and acting ability required for all parts

  • very good rhythm and reasonable level of dance experience required

  • these are physically demanding roles delivering narrative & song while dancing

  • be comfortable and confident with obtaining audience participation

  • must be based in Scotland

  • must be available on all these dates:

    • Rehearsals: 5 - 23 July (Mon-Fri),

    • Fringe previews & performances: 26 July – 29 August, and

    • (potential London performances: 8-12 September)


Prepare one video containing your material for each of the four required sections: singing, monologue, choreography and audience involvement, as specified below. You can film these in one go, back-to-back, or film the sections separately and join your video together before sending.  Title your video "WCTD - Your Name", and send it via email (dropbox link / wetransfer, etc) along with a recent CV and headshot, to


Listen to this demo track, 'Let It Shine Through' from the We Came To Dance musical, to get a feel for the style and range required.  Choose a song you're familiar with that you feel has a similar style and range and record yourself singing a 1-minute section of it to camera. 

DEMO Let It Shine Through - WCTDArtist Name
00:00 / 03:13



We Came To Dance has been created via a collaboration between Food Tank, the United Nations Environment Program, NASA, and an award-winning creative team.  It's an immersive and interactive show, with the audience actively participating in the dance with the characters throughout the 23-minute show.  We Came To Dance aims to inspire climate action among the audience through interactive storytelling, song, and dance, while being a fun and uplifting experience.  Performers will need to deliver both narrative and song in English and Hayanese (created for this show by Game of Thrones linguist David Peterson). 

Given these themes and feel of the show, choose a short monologue from a show or film you think has a similar feel, and deliver your chosen monologue to camera. 


Watch this short choreography, learn the moves and record yourself performing it. 

Audition Choreography

Audition Choreography

Play Video


Learn these four lines in Hayanese, the language of the characters in We Came To Dance: 

Nai chenabi garjala

Yon kikevana shai ha

Lavakombo nai zayo

Jabaza pahaya nayo 

Record yourself delivering these lines to the camera in an animated way, while performing some movement (eg any two counts of eight of the choreography above), as if inviting an audience to become involved and invested in what you are saying (we don't mind how you pronounce the Hayanese lines here - you'll be taught correct pronunciation during rehearsals if successful).  

Thank you for your interest and good luck! 

Callbacks will be held at House of Jack dance studio, located inside Ocean Terminal Centre, Edinburgh, EH6 6JJ.  Find us on the middle level of the centre, at the blue car park end. 

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